Bajaaaaa 4 from Yurts to Motorcycle Crash

Brad and Bikes, Playacita Yurt. 10 days, not a drop of rain!
Dendritic sand patterns — this is sort of how my guts felt too, but it passed.
Funny how coffee makes one look young, alert, and suave.
Never a bad hair day when you are wearing a helmet.
Yes, vultures do lurk on top of cacti waiting for us to die. No trees around so what’s a buzzard to do?
Lecherous prick!
Can you tell which side of the table is the vegan side versus the carnivore side?
Paola and Alveza would not rest until we had hot water in which to soak
By some reason, the great wetting has become our fault.
Gulls on the flats
Looked about the right size, shape, color and she seemed pleased too!
Spectacular fresh oysters!
The kitchen was happ’nin!
Matt and Lee prepare to burn. Brad brings the van along.
The Queen of Sheba reclining on a soft mobile bed.
Tres Amigos muy bien.



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Lee Foote

Lee Foote


Southerner by birth, Northerner by choice, Casual person by nature.