Can You See the Wildlife in these 14 Photos?

One white-tailed deer blending into her environment
Two deer close enough to hit with a bean bag toss
Three deer and one extra ear maybe
Four deer, can you feel your search image improving?
Five deer (hint: look far right too)
Look for the eyes and the body outline will follow
Even when focussing on this owl he seemed almost transparent
Look for any break in the landscape pattern
Two Northern Pintails — the camouflaged hen is almost invisible; the drake is showing off.
Cryptic sun-bathing but the ultimate concealment is submersion
Profile, background, motionlessness, coloration — a well-hidden Moretti’s Crocodile
Find both of them . . .
Motionlessness counts for a lot.



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Lee Foote

Lee Foote


Southerner by birth, Northerner by choice, Casual person by nature.