The Naked Girl Across the Street

“Hey Lee, look at Naked Girl!” is a little gift my wife casually tosses out to me while I am ensconced in some boring document at my computer — hopefully not this one. And sure enough, this older college student is being casual, naked and going about her business 50 meters away at eye level. She has become a fixture in our household and sort of like living art if I may be so appreciative. Sometimes yoga, sometimes dancing, sometimes trying on outfit after outfit. I know that “Naked Woman” might be a more polite name but her antics really are pretty childish.

What does she look like? Quite cute actually, a tanned body, a neatly manicured landing strip, muscular legs, shoulder-length brunette hair, and dark-nippled breasts just big enough to sway and move without being pendulous. Yawn . . . this has become just far far too common in our household to capture much attention anymore, but I still rank myself as an appreciative hetero male. That her age is somewhere between my two daughters ages makes it uncomfortably pervy for me to bring my A-game lecher gaze so I demure. These days, the reaction of our house guests is actually far more interesting than the subject being viewed.

Some examples — my motorcycling friends “Hey, where is she? I want the show!” or when she is sharing her visage, “Dude, do you have some binoculars?” Well, yes I do but you are gonna have to tuck a ten-spot in her thong if you partake like that!.

More polite company usually says something understated like “Oh my!” Or “Wow! Does she know people can see her?” but they rarely stop looking. I have learned that both men and women enjoy observing the nude female form though possibly for different reasons. Nekid men? Not so interesting after a quick sizing up of things.

Another 55 year-old mom with some daughter troubles of her own watched Naked Girl toplessly stretching on her deck in a lime-green thong. This provoked uncontrollable laughter replaced by an overwhelming maternal urge to go inform her of the degree of her revelations (we are pretty sure she is well aware). It didn’t help that our maternal friend was tripping on psilocybin mushrooms at the time so it was all surrealistic to her anyway.

My worldly and slightly cynical oldest daughter was more mercantile — “I think she is making money from subscribers to a “life cam” where viewers are let into the details of her world and the nudity adds spice and renewals”. That actually seems plausible because there is frequently a hand-held cell phone or an open computer likely with camera lens, involved.

Then last week, as suddenly as Naked Girl walked into the spotlight, she stopped. Her curtains are usually drawn, and she is always completely clothed. What changed? Someone request less exposure? Subscriptions dry up? She realized she can be seen? I don’t know but she had a good 1-year run around these parts, and frankly, I don’t see where any real harm came of it. God love shattering a good taboo and thanks for the year-long show NG!


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Lee Foote

Southerner by birth, Northerner by choice, Casual person by nature.